Vive la bouffe

In October of 2010, my family and I opened Vive la bouffe!, a small neighbourhood trattoria in upscale Westboro Village, just a five-minute walk from Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. The front lobby, the kitchen, the bar and dining room: Upon arrival, dinner guests are welcomed by the bouffe! maître d’ who, after […]


  Öde to a Herring You swim with a hundred thousand others, pulled by currents and pushed by waves but always moving toward a place that only you know (somewhere off the coast of Gryllefjord). You surface, all of you as one, and the dull light of the winter sun suddenly catches your silvery scales […]

Did you mean ‘liver spots’?

liv•er spot: noun plural noun: liver spots definition: small brown spots on the skin, especially as caused by a skin condition such as lentigo. or, did you mean The Liver Spot, Ottawa restaurant?